October 23, 2011

H, Grandma, Lil' Diva, Cousin A

October 22, 2011

Red Balloon Run & Relay

Papa ran the Red Balloon Run & Relay with his co-workers benefiting the local children's hospital. 

So while papa ran, we played with bubbles, which toddler h loved -

and hung out with clowns after.

October 16, 2011

October 13, 2011


Since the kid is walking around like a crazy man, he needs some cool kicks. Too bad these are too big or I would have snatched them up.

October 12, 2011


Teaching h to eat w/ a spoon & fork. 

Took off bib & found this - woops

And yes, he ate all of it!! 

October 5, 2011


Before we left Kuwait I took one last heat oppressed trip to the Friday market w/ my 2 month old baby and bought him a this dishdasha, which is Arab for 'a garment'. It is traditional arab dress for men and worn all over the Middle East as well as in parts of Africa. 

 Funny though, he didn't like wearing it. We took this picture less than 3 minutes after I put it on.